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The skin is a major organ of our body that is in constant consumption in daily life. So it should be given all the care it needs! CBD oil is suitable for this, the oil provides relief for several different ailments.
CBD oil supports the skin's natural function and activates skin-regenerating cells, without affecting, for example, sebaceous gland function. CBD oil balances the skin’s own oil production - the skin isn’t too oily, but it also doesn’t dry out.

Try and be amazed!

Hemp seed oil 74,5%
CBD 25%, THC 0.18%, CBC 0.25%, CBG 0.12%
Total cannabinoids 2555mg / 10ml

INCI (Ingredients): Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed oil, Cannabis sativa leaf extract, Cannabinoids: CBD, THC, CBC, CBG

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes - Keep out of reach of children - The product is not suitable for children


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